Introducing AlphaPool: The Successor to Our Genesis Pool

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3 min readOct 28, 2023


Today marks an exciting milestone in the AlphaScan journey as we unveil AlphaPool, the successor to our Genesis Pool. This is directly targeted at our long-term holders and holders looking to maximize value from AlphaScan the platform and token. See here the rationale and benefits of the new pool, and the process to migrate.

Benefits of AlphaPool

AlphaPool comes with a range of benefits that optimize your AlphaScan utility and staking experience. Most notably, we’re strengthening our ties to utility through token-gating. For one, users will receive immediate alerts when staking 10,000 $ASCN or more. This means that you’ll be at the forefront to snipe tokens that were just called. Users who don’t stake will receive these alerts with just a 30-second delay, still enabling them to track calls.

We’re also excited to introduce our most competitive fee structure to date. Holders of 10,000 or more $ASCN will enjoy a 0% trading fee, making it the most competitive fee structure in the bot space.

As a staker, you can stake and unstake your tokens any time. The APR is distributed evenly among all stakers, so the more you stake and the longer you do it, the more you stand to gain. This flexibility empowers you to make strategic decisions that align with your trading goals.


In addition to the above benefits, we are setting aside 100,000 $ASCN right now that will be airdropped to all active bot users. The airdropped amount will be based on the volume generated by a wallet.

Details on How to Migrate

AlphaPool follows a similar structure as the previous Genesis Pool. AlphaPool will allocate 500,000 tokens over a four-month period. This structure allows us to optimize circulation while aligning long-term incentives, ensuring a healthy ecosystem for our community.

AlphaPool is live as of now, October 27th, and will run concurrently with the existing pool for about one week, when the Genesis Pool ends. This overlap period provides you with ample time to migrate your tokens. You can access our staging portal at

In conclusion, AlphaPool is a significant and logical step forward in our commitment to providing the most utility for holders with immediate alerts, competitive fees, and staking APR.

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