$ASCN: Tokenomics

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4 min readJul 6, 2023

Where? Public Sale & Whitelist at https://sale.alphascan.xyz/

When? July 23rd — July 28th

$ASCN will be the engine behind AlphaScan. 2022 in particular was an eye-opener on why decentralizing a platform is crucial for long-term success. Additionally, decentralization is ideal to involve and reward the community.

About $ASCN

$ASCN will be the native governance and utility token of AlphaScan on Arbitrum. $ASCN has a hardcap of 100,000,000 tokens which cannot be updated in the future.

The token address will be released shortly prior to the TGE.


Our tokenomics strategy aims to prioritize the community and ensure that a majority of tokens allocated goes toward them. As such, the private sale allocation was kept small. Under the current design, over 70% of tokens will eventually be distributed to the community.

The tokens from the public sale will be unlocked at TGE with participating wallets receiving additional benefits outlined in our article about the public sale (e.g., a separate staking pool only available to these participants). We are releasing a separate article on our staking mechanism in the coming days. Private sale participants, advisors, and team will have a linear vesting period of nine months. Of those tokens, we are leaving an allocation open for future team/advisors, thus effectively prolonging the vesting schedule. Treasury tokens will require DAO approval (as soon as DAO is up and running). Community incentives are strategically designed to vest over approximately two traditional BTC bull market cycles, totaling ten years, to maximize their effectiveness long-term.

Buybacks, Liquidity, Revenue Distribution

A significant portion of the platform revenue will be used to boost the tokenomics. This includes token buybacks, boosting liquidity on DEXes, and other revenue measures (subject to legal reviews). Ultimately, the specific allocation between these items and potential other revenue use cases will become subject to DAO approval once the DAO is up and running.

The token distribution is as follows:

  • Community allocation: 74%
  • Public sale: 16%
  • Liquidity & community incentives: 30%
  • DAO treasury: 25%
  • Initial liquidity pool: 3% (part of the raise will also be added to the LP)
  • Other allocation: 26%
  • Private sale: 6%
  • Team: 15%
  • Advisors: 5%

Details on the sale:

  • Total supply: 100,000,000 $ASCN
  • Token price at launch: $0.15
  • Marketcap at launch: $2.8M
  • FDV: $15M
  • Accepted tokens: $USDC / $USDT
  • Vesting: fully unlocked & staked in special pool (unstake with no fee anytime)
  • Chain: Arbitrum
  • Start: July 23 (10pm UTC)
  • Finish: July 28 (10pm UTC) or if hardcap reached
  • Allocation: 16%

Vesting Schedule

Public Sale & Next Steps

The public sale will take place from July 23 (10pm UTC) — July 28 (10pm UTC). In the first 24h, only whitelisted wallets can participate. The link for the public sale is the same as where you can sign up on our whitelist. You can find both links here. After 24h, the sale will be open to everyone. You can get whitelisted by clicking on “Join Whitelist”. Please note, in truly decentralized fashion, the whitelist is on-chain and requires wallet approval (not just a google form). The whitelist will end on July 21st, 10pm UTC. There is a minimum of $50 required for the public sale.

While the public sale will be conducted on our own platform, it is independent of having an active account on the actual platform. This means you can participate in the public sale without having an active account, and likewise, you don’t need to participate in the public sale to have an active account. Additionally, you are able to use different wallets for the public sale and in-app.

Relevant links:

Join the AlphaScan Revolution

The AlphaScan platform, powered by the $ASCN token, is poised to revolutionize decentralized trading. Be a part of this exciting journey by participating in our public sale and experiencing the future of analytics-based bot trading. Together, we will shape a vibrant and profitable community in the web3 space.


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